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AS888 - Automatic Float Switch

For fully automatic bilge pumping operation, connect the AS888 Automatic Switch to your bilge pump. The AS888 Automatic Switch has a time-proven micro switch without mercury.

  • Limited 3 Year Warranty
  • When water exceeds the acceptable level, the pump is turned on by a rolling steel ball, which changes the pressure on the micro switch.
  • The AS888 attaches to any SPX FLOW Johnson Pump bilge pump through the clip on ”T-slot”
  • Can be used with 6, 12, 24 or 32V systems


Part No.Part No. USADescriptionMax Amp.
34-88826014AS888 Automatic Float Switch15 A


The automatic switch protects electrically operated
pumps and gives fully automatic operation.
The switch is made of corrosion resistant materials.


 SPX FLOW Johnson Pump submersible bilge pumps have a T-slot on the housing 
or mounting bracket. You may simply push the switch into place onto the  pump.
If you wish, a small drop of water-proof adhesive will lock the switch on the T.

Screws are recommended for fastening the switch only if your pump is not equipped

with a T-mount.AS888 should always beinstalled in parallel to the keel with the floating

body directed aft.

Never install AS888 at a level lower than the inlet of the bilge pump!


AS888 must be installed so it always can move freely and no floating particles interrupt the movement. The electrical wires must be secured preventing them from falling down onto the switch. Check AS88 occasionally during the season ensuring that deposits or dirt do not interrupt its opera­tion. Check regularly that the electrical wires have not been damanged.


Bilge pump control 12 or 24V
Part No. (Options):
12V- 34-1224/ US:82044
24V- 34-12251 US: 82044-24V

The bilge pump control combined with automatic switch AS888 is an excellent
installation for your boat. The panel has a 3-position switch for Off, manual On, and automatic operation - the automatic feature operates in combination  with AS888.
Integrated fuse holder and operating light. Fuses are not included.


Automatic Float Switch AS888

SKU: 34-888
VAT Included