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Original Air Filter Element for industrial engines KOSHIN KC26

KOSHIN  PART NO. 100027101

Original KOSHIN parts number: 100027101

Material: Special for gasoline engine application

Sutable for KC26-models with recoil and electric starter

Apply to generators, water pumps KOSHIN SEV-25L, compactors, pressure washers, commercial lawn mowers, garden equipment, tillers and cultivators and for all KOSHIN Power Products powered by gasoline engines  KC26 .

For a long life cycle, the Engine needs careful handling, care and timely replacement of components. First of all, this applies to spark plugs, oil and filters. The frequency of replacement depends on the intensity of use, but on average, if you use the engine about two times a week, it will be enough to buy a filter change once a year.Principle of operation:The task of the air filter is to trap dust and dirt during operation. This is one of the