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011511501 Long Bolt M8X118

The SET consist of 4 pieces.

Material: Low Carbon steel SWRM.

Used in KOSHIN Semi-Trash Pumps to fix PUMP CASE to FLANGE BRACKET.


KOSHIN pumps Models powered by HONDA gasoline engine STH-50X

KOSHIN pumps Models powered by KOSHIN gasoline engine STV-50X

KOSHIN pumps Models powered by YANMAR diesel engine STY-50D   


Suitable for other OEM trash Pumps powered by HONDA engine:                            

- SDMO TR 2.36 C5


Used in old KOSHIN Semi-trash pump models: 

- powered by Robin-SUBARU engine STR-50X


Suitable for most similar water semi-trash pumps 2 inches driven by gasoline and diesel engines.


011511501 Long Bolt M8X118 4pcs. SWRM

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