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Welcome In to 2021 with the Koshin Pump genuine replacement parts!

2021 holiday greeting

In 2021 year all Koshin pumps end users in Germany, Austria and Switzerland must be always satisfied! It can be done with rapid supply of replacement Koshin Pump Spare Parts and repairing parts for all Koshin products.

How to realize this? We have done our best on the 20 years’ cooperation with ORIENTAL KOSHIN Ltd. JAPAN!

We always have more than 400 different KOSHIN PUMP REPAIR PARTS on the stock in Berlin. These are not only fast-moving spare parts but also basically for all kind of motor powered self-priming centrifugal pump KOSHIN. You can fill the form and we find out for your new or old water or oil pump the correct part. The most important for non-stop KOSHIN pump long life is genuine parts the spare parts should be the genuine parts manufactured by ORIENTAL KOSHIN Ltd. Japan!!! You can do maintenance, repair and service by yourself but to keep the performance and durability of your Koshin pump products you can safe only with genuine replacement KOSHIN parts. Because:

  1. The genuine replacement Koshin pump parts are the same as used in assembly line of products in factories. As a matter of course, they fit perfectly to KOSHIN product, which will continue to achieve optimum performance;

  2. They have high-quality level and been developed and improved through many years of research and development and have been manufactured under strict inspections conducted by KOSHIN Quality control management;

  3. The genuine Koshin pump replacement parts are manufactured according to the originally designed by ORIENTAL KOSHIN Ltd. JAPAN or under the approval of ORIENTAL KOSHIN Ltd. JAPAN;

  4. Most of the Koshin pump replacement parts have Koshin trade mark and are packed in KOSHIN genuine parts package.

  5. All Koshin products supplied with KOSHIN parts list to indelicate the correct ID number without mistake.

Koshin pumps replacement parts are also available for many OEM pumps like Robin-SUBARU, ENDRESS, SDMO, PRAMAC, WACKER NEUSON, Yamaha, VEPR and many others.


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