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Company EES GmbH congratulates everyone on the upcoming year 2021 and wishes all the best to all!

The novelty of the year among centrifugal self-priming Koshin motor pumps for heavy-duty use and pumping the dirty waters with a lot of solids will be the family of New Super Heavy Duty Trash Pumps Series KTZ-80S and KTZ-100S from Koshin Ltd. made in Japan.

KTZ-80,100S –series means:

  • Koshin Ltd 70 years’ traditional Japanese quality centrifugal and submersible pumps manufactor;

  • Trash (for dirty sandy and muddy waters with stones up to sizes up to 27 mm for KTZ-80S and KTZ-100S);

  • Z (powered by Koshin gasoline engine);

  • Suction flange and delivery flange diameter: 80 is 3 inches (80 mm) and 100 is 4 inches (100 mm);

  • S means a new design with easy maintenance compare with previous Koshin trash pumps KTZ-80X, KTZ-100X.

Trash Pump KOSHIN KTZ-80S
Trash Pump Koshin KTZ-100S

The new pump casing has the front cover which can be removed easily without removing hoses! In addition the new Koshin trash pump has the following innovations convenient to use:

  • Handels on the front cover can be installed in vertical or horizontal position;

  • Easy removal of knobs;

  • New impeller design with hexagon boss for easy installation and removal.

KOSHIN self-priming centrifugal trash pump is a unique combination of a powerful KOSHIN engine, heavy-duty construction, and reliable performance. This rugged high volume pump is the best choice for toughest dewatering job for different:

  • construction sites;

  • municipal applications;

  • floodwater and deluge situations.

Heavy Duty Trash Pumps Koshin

The main advantage of new generation this family trash pumps is a Reasonable price which about 30% less compared to same quality trash pumps from other manufacturers. The most affordable price ever for the real Japanese quality modern KOSHIN engines K300 and K420 the heart of Koshin trash pump able to move high volumes of trash water without clogging the pump. The Koshin Hi-Tech design of this Trash PUMP for a long time HEAVY-DUTY USE has the following main unique components:

  • Hi-Chrome cast-iron 2 blade impeller;

  • Volute casing is made Spheroidal Graphite Iron Casting;

  • Silicon-Carbide mechanical seal.

Happy and prosperous new year with a new KTZ -80S and KTZ-100S pumps - the absolute proper choice for the real professionals!


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