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AquaDomus — the world water revolution!

AquaDomus is an integrated 'Plug&Play' system to manage water pressurization for domestic and residential Applications.


It consists of a Pentax multistage pump, a permanent magnet synchronous motor, an electronic inverter control, an expansion tank, a no return valve and a pressure sensor.

The electronic control (E-1PFC) manages the operation of the system to mantain the pressure constant even if the conditions of use change.

Thus Aquadomus is operated only when and as long as needed to avoid any useless waste of energy and, as consequence, to extend the life of the components connected to the system.

AquaDomus is operated only when and as long as needed to avoid any useless waste of energy.

The pressure of the system is constantly monitored by the pressure sensor that sends the control signal to the inverter in the AquaDomus; in the event of a water request, the sensor detects the simultaneous pressure drop of the system and starts the pumptp restore the set pressure Similarly, in the case of zero flow, the inverter detects an immediate and contextual pressure rise, slowing it down for maintaining the set pressure, a process which, in the absence of water demand, continues until the AquaDomus stops.

Water supply and pressurization system consisting of a Pentax multistages pump, permanent magnet synchronous motor, electronic inverter control, expansion tank, non-return valve and pressure sensor.

Why take the risk and install noisy and energy-hungry pumps from Asia with a bunch of extra bulky expansion tanks, fittings and hoses?!

AquaDomus — compact, economical, simple and reliable, made in Italy.

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Pentax IPFC_Aqua_Domus


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