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Water and fluid transfer pumps with polymer gear


Made in Italy

Marco UP series electrical pumps are self-priming gear pumps. They are intended to be used to transfer different kinds of liquids from one container to another. They are compatible with many different kinds of liquid. This includes diesel fuel, water, oil, and antifreeze, which makes them very useful for automobile maintenance.


These pumps are made of helical polymer gears, which are capable of ‘running dry’ (without lubrication) for a short period of time. Another feature is their in-line filters, which are located on the inlet side of the pump. Gear pumps have been around since the 1600s. The first one was invented by Johannes Kepler, a German astronomer and mathematician who lived during the Scientific Revolution in the 1600s. Modern gear pumps can be powered electrically or by other means. They are very commonly used for hydraulic power, and to pump high viscosity (thick or sticky) fluids.


Gear pumps are made up of two interlocked gears in a container. When fluid flows through a pipe and into the container. The rotating gears push it to the sides and around the outside of the gears until it reaches the other side of the container and flows out through another pipe. The turning of the gears creates a void, which the fluid constantly refills. This makes it very difficult for the fluid to leak backwards, making this a very effective pump system. There is a visual on the Gear Pump Wikipedia page that can help you to visualize this process.

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